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Minnetonka Moccasins are Fashionable and Affordable

We are your Minnetonka Moccasin Headquarters. With hundreds of Moccasins available , don't shop anywhere else for your women's shoes. Our Kid's Moccasins and Men's Moccasins are always a hit. Try our Minnetonka Slippers. You will love the feeling of our sheepskin shearling slippers. Heading to the beach? Live in a warm climate? Then Minnetonka Sandals are the shoe for you. They are comfy, practical and cool. We have the latest in Men's and Women's fashion. You'll love our baby shoes and infant moccasins as well.

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Why are Minnetonka Moccasins so good!

Minnetonka Leathers
Minnetonka Moccasin uses many leathers such as cowhide and suede leathers in addition to exotic leathers such as moose, deerskin and buffalo. Here are the descriptions of the leathers.

Minnetonka Cowhide leather
The most commonly used leather. Our cowhide is all full grain leather and has been treated with various tanning processes.

Minnetonka Suede
The common characteristic of suede is the exposed leather fibers know as the nap. Our suede is expertly tanned taking special care to sand and buff the surface creating a fine luxurious nap.

Minnetonka Brown or tan ruff
We helped pioneer this special leather. In this process, the leather is treated by impregnating the surface with oils in which the nap of the leather is held down. The result is a rough distressed looking finish.

Minnetonka Moose hide
The soft, buttery feel of the moose is why it is Minnetonka's #1 seller! Moose comes from the arctic regions where they are an important source of food. Any scars or scratches are natural characteristics of the wild moose. They attest to the genuineness of the leather and enhance its natural beauty.

Minnetonka Deerskin
Deerskin leather is know for it's softness and provides the utmost in comfort. Because the animals come from the wild, any scars or scratches are a natual characteristic of the hide.

Minnetonka Shearling
Sheepskin is a unique natural product. The hairs are hollow so that the fur portion of the hide performs two vital functions: *First, it "wicks" all of the excess moisture away from the skin. *Secondly, it allows the skin to "breathe." This is why shearling is an ideal product for both summer and winter. It keeps the skin warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Sheepskin is also referred to as shearling. The term shearling comes from the when the sheep is shorn for its wool.

Minnetonka Fit
The majority of Minnetonka Moccasins are offered in whole and half sizes, in medium width for both Men's and Women's. The exception to this is in our deerskin styles and lined slippers that are offered in full sizes only. Children's and Infant styles are offered full sizes only also. An ideal moccasin fit should be comfortably snug. If you fit the moccasin too loose, the leather will stretch causing a sloppy fit. Those hard-to-fit wide feet can be directed toward our deerskin and moose styles. Here the unique soft characteristic of these leathers will often stretch to accommodate wide feet. All size information appears in the catalog as part of each style description. Many of our most popular Men's styles have extended extra large sizes 14, 15 & 16. The same holds true for our Women's best sellers which extend to size 11.

Minnetonka Care
Minnetonka Moccasins are easy to care for. For cowhide leather we suggest a cream shoe polish that will help protect the finish. For suede, a spray leather protector will help make the suede water and stain resistant. For deerskin and moose leather, we recommend a delicate leather cream, which cleans and moisturizes delicate, exotic leathers. For sheepskin/shearling, hand wash with mild detergent. Let air dry, out of direct sunlight. AVOID DIRECT HEAT, AS IT WILL EVAPORATE THE NATURAL OILS FROM THE LEATHERS.

Minnetonka also sells a line of leather and wool felt hats. These hats are classic styles and have proven to be a great success. All the leather hats are made with a steel wire hidden in the edge of the brim allowing for personalized shaping. Our wool felt hats are crushable and water repellent. Most important, we offer our great in stock service on hats.

Size Coversion Chart on Shoes and Boots

US Men's Sizes
US Women's Size
European Sizes
Japanese Sizes
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We Love our Super Bowl Champions the Green Bay Packers!!

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Check out This year's Minnetonka Sandals

There are so many great gifts you can find on this website.  Are you having troubles picking the right gift.  Call our staff or email us and we will help you pick out a gift that is just right.  We have many more gifts to offer than what you see online.  You can also check our sister site



Delivery received today!!! I'm thrilled with your prompt filling of my order. Thank you! - Diana

I just wanted to let you know that I received my shoes today - I LOVE THEM!!! THEY ARE AWESOME! Thanks so much, and I am going to order more for sure.

Love the purses ! Love anything boho :) keep it coming!

 Your Sandals are by far the best pair I have owned.  Great Customer Service!   Sue

Moccasins and your Moccasin Headquarters


 Moccasins and your Moccasin Headquarters  

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Gift Ideas:

Mens/Fathers Day Gifts: Our Mara Coffee Mugs, Minnetonka Cowboy and Aussie Hats, **Teepee Creeper Slippers**, Minnetonka Slippers, Our Medieval Knights, Wild Life Plaques, Pirate Stuff for the Boat, and Replica Western Guns,.

Womens Gifts/Mothers Day Gifts: Mother/Daughter Bracelets,Mariana Jewelry,  Minnetonka Leather Sandals, Pug Boots, Wild Life Plaques, Thunderbird Moccs, Coffee Mug Trees, Coffee Mugs, Mara Designer Plates, Serving Platters, Dinnerware, and of course Teepee Creeper Slippers.

Gifts for Girls: Treasure Boxes, Sandy Dolls, Minnetonka Leather Moccasins,Dolphin Plaques, Unicorn Plaques Thunderbird Moccs, Cherokee Indian Made Drums, Beaded Jewelry, Cedar Boxes, Wooden Guns, Coonskin Hats, and Rattles. (Our course what she really wants is probably in our boy section.)

Gifts for Boys: Guns and More Guns,  Bow and Arrow, FarkleMoccasin Slippers, Daniel Boone hats, Wild Life Plaques, Buck Plaques, Cedar Boxes, Kids Cowboy Hats, Cherokee Indian made Toysdress-up costumes,Wooden Guns, Treasure Boxes.


Arrow Gift Shop has been the go to gift store in Eagle River for over 45 years.  We have forgotten more about Northwoods Gifts then most people will ever know.  So whether you are up in Eagle River for Snowmobiling, Fishing, Boating, the Derby, Pond Hockey or whatever, be sure that you stop into visit the friendly staff at Arrow Gift Shop.  You won't be disappointed and you will probably find that perfect gift for that special someone.  Arrow Gift Shop has always been involved in our Eagle River community.  Our primary charities are "Give Kids the World", and "Make a Wish"  Help us support these charities by stopping in the store and putting your extra change our charity jars. 

Don't forget to find us on Facebook, Twitter, and just about every other social networking site.  Our fans get better deals!


John and Katie Hayes would like you to come visit us on the corner of Wall Street and Main in Downtown Eagle River, Wisconsin.

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